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Report: Word crashing and deleting 20,000 page space trilogy not an accident

We’ve all been there. Working late on your passion project when your computer has a hiccup, the cursor jitters, the window goes white then your face follows suit. Modern writing tools are supposed to protect us from basic freezing and glitching which results in loss of work. However this time it was different.

Aspiring author David Spekel had been working on his totally unique space trilogy when Microsoft Word froze and he lost everything. Any savvy level headed person would have backups and so did David. He checked is OneDrive account to ensure the file was still saved in the cloud, but that was corrupted as well.

This devestated David and he reached out to us here to figure out how something like this could happen. When we here at The Tech Informant reached out to Microsoft for comment we received the following response:

The loss of Mr. Spekel’s document was not a result of any computer glitch. Instead a sophisticated harm-reduction AI used to scan OneDrive and Office files for dangerous or terrible content took action against the file. It is regretful, however we believe this AI acted in the best interest of humanity.

Microsoft spokesperson

The spokesperson goes on to highlight how terrible the trilogy was and how it was basically a ripoff of Star Wars but with a more complicated plot. This came as a major blow to David, but he is taking it well and currently working on a magic fantasy adventure written completely by typewriter.




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