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Report: Microsoft contractors fired for listening in to customer feedback

A recent report has uncovered some chilling details with regards to customer feedback. Most users of Microsoft products believed the “Send Feedback” did nothing but provide a space to vent. As it turns out this is not the case and Microsoft has been actively listening to their customer’s feedback for years.

Bugs plague every single software product from every company. User experiences are never perfect. However neither of these truths can justify tech companies reading our surveys we fill out and send back into the void. Unverified reports have stated companies have gone as far as to use read users comments online and even use those experiences to inform how their products work.

When Microsoft released Windows 10 the Feedback Hub was frequently held up as a sign that the company wants to make Windows better. However after years of no progress on top Feedback items it has been clear that Microsoft simply uses this as a tool to help relive stress among users; essentially a support group.

So when it is reported that Microsoft contractors have actually been listening to feedback this comes as quite a shock. Users think they have a safe space where they can vent about stupid software but actually they are sending critical information to one of the biggest companies in the world about how to improve their flagship product.

While these revelations are quite disturbing the flip side is also very jarring. If Microsoft has been listening all these years then why does File Explorer not have tabs, why is UI so inconsistent, and why is there still no clip art in PowerPoint? How many years does it take to hire an artist to draw a stick man with a lightbulb above their head?

Microsoft has some serious explaining to do.





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