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Xbox continues to be a huge deal for 13 year olds

Thirteen year-olds around the world heart rate has been elevated for the past couple of months as the go to school with their heads swirling about new Xbox rumors. Middle school can be a rough time of life for many of those who are more technologically inclined. Luckily for these youths Microsoft has bee ever so slowly trickling out details about their next Xbox console the Xbox Series X.

This new console which is reported to be better and faster and do more game things than ever before. When comparing the new Xbox console to the last Xbox One X this new Xbox Series X has the same number of X’s but drops a One for the Series. This choice will be hotly debated over lunch tables across the nation.

This story is still developing at a painstaking rate. By the time we know more about the next console we won’t wait to publish it. We have a schedule to ensure there is a writer awake around the clock to post any detail which may slide our way. Details such as how wide is the new console and how many K’s will be included. STAY TUNED!





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