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Windows developer web page now redirects to Android developer homepage

With the alleged death of UWP Microsoft has made a few modifications to their Windows developer page. Now perspective developers for the Windows platform will be steered to developing apps for the Android platform. As Microsoft launches their new version of .Net, they acknowledge that most new development should happen on the worlds most popular platform, which is the web.

Since Microsoft is always one tech trend behind they are now pushing developers to Android which they believe to be a big thing soon. While the rest of the world is aware Android is already a big deal, Microsoft is just now coming around to the idea. The biggest platform for app developers to target a massive global audience of users is obviously the web, or Android.

Either way Microsoft is promoting their new technology .Net Core 3 which powers their amazing web technology and will empower .Net Developers everywhere to use a single stack to write applications for any platform, except UWP apps because those need a special app version.

Good to all of those aspiring Windows developers who are watching Xamarin evolve into a product which they might soon be able to bear dealing with.

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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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