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Microsoft strikes big ambiguous deal with mediocre multi-national corporation

Earlier today large multi-national corporation announced a potentially large sounding deal with Microsoft. While the rest of the S&P500 was rushing to sign cloud hosting deals with AWS this multi-national decided to “evaluate all of the cloud options” and decide to choose Microsoft for their cloud and software needs.

Maybe the deciding factor was a combination of services like Office where employees are comfortable working and cloud services which are the future of business, but we will never know. This deal was so vague it is unclear who is paying who money. There may be a fifty-fifty chance no money is changing hands.

Microsoft is the number two cloud services vendor, this is no surprise. So why would a company such as this mediocre multi-national choose Microsoft over AWS? Well, it could be price, quality, security, services, tooling, training, etc. or it could be because Microsoft is giving them an insane deal they cannot turn down.

Lucky for Microsoft there are literally hundreds of mediocre multi-nationals in the world. The sooner they convince the top dozen or so the easier it will be to “win” the business of the rest.




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