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Xbox team plans to update their app every 12 hours to compete with Steam,

Gaming has been a major focus for Microsoft in recent years. Phil Spencer has been representing the needs and wants of the gaming community to the most senior levels of Microsoft. In their cloud and console competition Spencer feels like the company is in a good position, but with regards to Gaming on Windows progress needs to be made.

Applications like Valve’s Steam game library is still a major player when it comes to gamers playing on Windows 10. To compete Microsoft has decided to update their app every 12 hours. This is in direct retaliation to Valve updating their application every 20 hours. Soon Microsoft will be competing head to head with their big rivals.

Gamers should feel heard and rejoice that Microsoft is finally taking cues from the big players in the Windows gaming space. Rumors are that Microsoft will soon let Windows users pay for early-access to broken Windows 10 features and use loot boxes to bring elements of surprise and joy to their mostly stale productivity operating system.




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