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Elite team within Microsoft searching for beloved products to screw up

Software seeps into our lives every day. Much of that software, particularly at work, is made by Microsoft. Because of the nonstop and essential nature of working with software some products have become beloved to consumers and workers all around the world. The most beloved products shall remain nameless as to not attract the attention of Product Managers finding them and fixing them until no one wants to use them anymore.

A fine line is walked by software developers between improving a product and breaking a product. There was a time when Microsoft created software and just kept adding features until that piece of software was so bloated and massive it was incredible cumbersome to use and impossible to learn for new users. Outlook is a shinning example of a product which was built as an email tool but became calendar, contacts, tasks, meetings, notes. RSS, and more.

There are some small utilities which have seemed to sneak under the radar, but there is now an elite team within Microsoft which has been tasked with finding and ‘modernizing’ them until they have no users left. No tools are safe. Notepad, Wordpad, Character Map, etc. could all have their day when the eye of Modern Software looks upon them and finds them wanting of cloud connectivity and toast notifications.





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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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