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Microsoft To-Do pledges Wunderlist feature parity before heat death of the universe

Task tracking apps are a dime a dozen and it seems like Microsoft has a dimes worth of them. One of the best task trackers was Wunderlist which Microsoft acquired in 2015. The Redmond firm has been supporting Wunderlist into retirement and focusing all of their efforts on their new less-good task tracker Microsoft To-Do.

Wunderlist had many amazing features like commenting, smart lists, and more. The new team at Microsoft has promised to bring To-Do up to feature parity with Wunderlist by the heat death of the universe. This could be 10^106 years which may not be enough time. It took Microsoft years to bring list sharing a simple feature which nearly all task trackers had.

At least Microsoft is keeping Wunderlist limping along and has not yet pulled the plug. If anyone in charge of said plug is reading this right now… don’t do anything. Just leave Wunderlist alone!





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