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Microsoft releases new browser ballot app for Android and iOS devices

Leveraging their expertise in avoiding anti-trust regulators, Microsoft is developing browser ballot apps for devices running Google and Apple operating systems. While Microsoft didn’t have final say in the design of their browser ballot the IE design team did a great job complying with the letter of the law.

Now that Apple and Google are coming under attack from federal regulators Microsoft’s experience becomes incredibly valuable. The 90s were a rough time when Microsoft was going through the slow and painful process of anti-trust court cases. After the dust had settled the world was blessed with the special versions of Windows in Europe and a browser ballot box.

It seems like the past may be coming back to haunt big tech. Apple has been keeping their customers in a high and thick walled garden for too long. Also they have been favoring their own products like Apple music in the App Store, which also happens to be the only place competitors can enter the platform.

Google’s Android is so ubiquitous it is may eclipse the number of people living on planet earth. Android devices are everything from TV to toasters and obviously the vast majority of smartphones sold in the world. This presents a massive market to Microsoft with their unique ability to design choice screens for consumers and regulators alike. As these cases drag on we will all watch and see how this ends for those involved.

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