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Insider teams use new Ouiji board to select groups for A/B testing

Testing a product as large and sprawling as Windows 10 requires lots of testing and validation. A common tool used to verify if a change is positive is A/B testing. This is where there are two groups of testers: those with the new change, and those without it. Looking at how the two groups behave informs the team on what works and what does not.

The Windows Insider team has been using these A/B test more and more over the past few major releases. The method of choosing who is in group A and who is in group B has always been a mystery, until now. According to a source inside the company the team is using a Ouiji board to pick the groups.

This seems like a great option because the spirits in the afterlife are known to be impartial and excellent at creating randomized trials. Microsoft’s use of the Ouiji board is currently in testing, but it may be used by more groups to build randomized groups for testers.



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