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New Microsoft health service targets individuals with short term memory loss

Big tech companies are always looking for opportunities to grow the markets where their products are relevant. In a recent blog post Microsoft announced they will be launching a new medial data storage service specifically for people who suffer from short term memory loss. Niche product focuses like theses are used by tech companies to build relationships with customers and increase their reach.

In this case however Microsoft needs to target a group of consumers who cannot remember how the company has canceled every consumer facing feature related to medical or health data they made. While most perspective users would never trust Microsoft with another service which the company clearly plans to cancel, those with memory loss maybe could be convinced.

Microsoft says they have no plans to evolve the product in any way and will probably cancel it after a couple of months. In fact the team who built the service has already been reassigned to other projects. Users will be able to download a .rar file containing all of their medial data in random .pdf files.




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