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52 year old Excel user not interested in learning new ways of saving the little time they have left

We all get it. Work is work and some times it can be more effort than it is worth to learn new ways of doing the job you’ve had for years. For many information workers using programs like Microsoft Excel can become the entire job. Frank is a 52 year old who has been using Excel every day for 17 years at his job and he is done learning new tricks.

For someone of Frank’s age learning new ways of doing their job may seem like a waste of energy and time, but actually exactly the opposite is true. Frank is using the same old inaccurate ways of manipulating data he has been doing forever. Learning even a few tricks could really save him some time and improve his productivity.

In addition to being more productive Frank can make more effort to have a meaningful existence in the little time he still has left. 52 is not that old as long as he keeps him self young by keeping his mind sharp. And what better way of keeping sharp than learning new ways of sorting tables in Excel?




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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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