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Steve Ballmer working on studio album titled ‘Developers developers developers’

Before the days of Satya Nadella there was Steve Ballmer sitting in the seat of CEO. While many credit Satya Nadella with a monumental transition in culture and shifting business focus from software to the cloud, Satya just does not have the street cred Steve Ballmer had.

Rising through the ranks at Microsoft during the early days Steve Ballmer was a veteran of the “Bad-ass Microsoft.” This was an era where Microsoft could make a company collapse just by mentioning they were looking into the same product space. While destroying competition Microsoft became a polarizing topic with many devoted fans and crazed haters of the company.

To travel back in time Steve Ballmer is working on a studio album titled “Developers developers developers.” Apparently this work was suggested by Steve’s therapist he sees to help the ghosts of past companies he crushed subside a little. The album has a tentative release of January 13th 2020 to commemorate 20 years from the day he became CEO.




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