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Windows 10 19H2 will introduce 5 new warning popups

With development of Windows 10 19H1 finished and final builds rolling out to the release preview ring Microsoft has shifted their attention to what lies beyond. The next version of Windows 10 will be referred to as 19H2 within the Insider Program. This update has been very secretive and so far very little information has gotten out about what features and improvements are coming.

According to sources close to the matter the next version of Windows 10 will include at least 5 new popup warnings. These warnings will popup in a very random and confusing fashion. Some of them will be redundant and the intent will be impossible to understand. These new popups will be a hallmark feature showing Microsoft gives their users choice and makes them numb to needless and endless questioning.

These popups apparently will be related to: welcome and what’s new, internet browsing, security, and general warning. Apparently new words are being developed to be used on the security popup to ensure there are no living individuals who understand how to stay safe and secure on Windows. After Microsoft //Build 2019 we will begin to see these popups as new insider builds for 19H2 will begin shipping.




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