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Windows 10 dark mode flashes white whenever possible to intimidate user

A widespread design trend has been adding dark mode to applications and operating systems. Companies from Apple, to Google, and more have been adding the option for users to switch their bright white application windows to a nice dark grey or black. While Microsoft has had a ‘dark mode’ in Windows 10 for a while now it never has been to the level of quality as other dark mode implementations.

Ignoring the strange obsession with #000000 Microsoft has been adding a bit of whimsy and chaos into their desktop operating system. With an up coming update Windows 10 will dynamically scan the environment where the device is located, and if it deems it necessary Windows will flash random blocks of white. This is done to intimidate and fuck with the user who specifically set the computer to dark mode. 

Microsoft believes computer users have become too attached to their computers. Now that crashing is less frequent and with changes to the update plan Windows 10 will avoid becoming a buggy mess every six months, something else needs to happen to keep people from enjoying using Windows. Apparently these ‘white flashes’ will remind users they use an OS which was never meant to be perfect.




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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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