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Microsoft to refocus marketing employees to improving Windows 10 stability on advice from reddit commenter

For years users have been complaining that Microsoft spends too much time promoting their products and not enough time working on Windows 10 stability. While these comments have been frequent online the feedback never made its way up to managers at the company. This advice has made it to executives, and things are beginning to change.

Microsoft has generally ran like most other companies its size. Developers work on code, designers make artwork and other assets, marketers reach out to customers, etc., but now things are different. Because of this seemingly stupid and off the cuff comment, Microsoft has begun taking employees who have no training, experience, or ability working on Windows code and putting them to work.

Many industry experts have raised issue with Microsoft approach here. Saying bugs and issues arise from bad code and adding a bunch of inexperienced programmers to a massive, complex, and sophisticated code base will only make the problem worse. Those responsible for making this decision stand by it saying “if this were such a bad idea then why do so many smart people on the internet keep suggesting it?”




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