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5,000 Microsoft employees sign open letter begging executives to stop saying ‘Reimagined’

Like many organizations Microsoft is staffed with a diverse range of employees. Not everyone always agrees on the best way forward for the company, but recently employees have been unifying around an open letter asking executives to stop using the word ‘reimagined.’

At events throughout the year Microsoft employees on stage would drop ‘reimagined’ so many times it became hard to play along with a drinking game at home. So many products and services were reimagined you’d think Microsoft outsourced their redesign of products to a group of Disney imagineers.

In their letter employees beg funds be made available to purchase a set of thesauruses for the Redmond campus. The overwhelming pressure and stress reimagining every product brings on the teams responsible for doing the work is unsustainable.




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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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