Skip to content to block official Microsoft emails to make phishing attacks easier

A core value at Microsoft is user confusion. Keeping their users in the dark and avoiding best practices makes a massive difference when designing systems for people to use at home and work. This is why Microsoft has chosen to begin blocking content in their own emails on

This way a phishing email from a spammer looks exactly the same as an official communication from Microsoft. Both emails will come through as a garble of HTML and terrible formatting; a result of every image missing. They won’t block or scan links though. Those will be fully clickable.

The team details in a blog post, there were several different ideas of how to make phishing harder to spot. Hiding the domain of the email sender, a terrible junk filter, and making sure all emails enter the inbox looking the same. These are just a few ways users of will know the team really has been taking their time with design a dangerous way to communicate over email.




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