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10 canceled Microsoft products you never heard of

  1. Windows Slink – This was a game for Windows Vista to show off the OS’s ability to simulation realistic physics.
  2. Surface Loupe – A branded magnifying glass for reading small text.
  3. Bing for Tweens – This custom version of Bing but specifically to appeal to tweens.
  4. PowerTweet – This was an add-in built for PowerPoint which empowered presenters to tweet while presenting.
  5. DotNet Corporal – This was an experimental product from the dotnet team aimed at making it easy to write dotnet apps in the military.
  6. Outlook Emoji Translator – Similar to Bing for Tweens this was a project to attract a younger crowd to Outlook.
  7. Windows Server for Servers – In an attempt to break into the food service industry Microsoft make a version of Windows Server for waitstaff.
  8. Word eBook Wizard – To complement their eBook store Microsoft was building an add-in for Microsoft Word which would let authors submit their books to their eBook store.
  9. Xbugs – An Xbox ID title which let gamers become bugs
  10. Yam Slam – A game show to promote Yammer

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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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