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Report: Bill Gates’ R&B album delayed due to the cancellation of Groove Music Maker

According to a recent report previous CEO to Microsoft and philanthropist Bill Gates has had to delay the release of his much anticipated R&B album. Sources now say the album, under the working title “Blue Screen of Death,” saw major delays due to the cancellation of the Groove Music Maker. With the app now dead Mr. Gates refused to work on a Mac and has chosen to delay recording.

Similar to Apple’s Garage Band, Groove Music Maker was teased during the Creators Update crazy which swept the world. Microsoft was going to refocus their development of Windows around the idea users are creators. Tools like Paint 3D and Groove Music Maker were going to usher in a new era of creativity powered by Windows devices.

However with the lackluster reception of Paint 3D the teams at Microsoft had to regroup. Reconsidering the idea empowering everyone around the world to create more, the team decided they needed to truly amaze their customers with Groove Music Maker. Some say this is where the app died, because it was too important to be perfect it could never be released. If the death of Groove Music Maker was not enough to crush the spirits of Windows creators everywhere, then this news of the album delay will surely do it.





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