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Satya Nadella unhappy to learn Paint3D was not an April fools joke

In a recent leak from Redmond it was uncovered that CEO Satya Nadella was not pleased to learn the Windows 10 app Paint 3D was not an April Fools joke. Apparently Satya this came up when talking to chief marketing officer Chris Capossela about the now infamous April Fools memo.

When Satya learned Paint 3D was not a joke but in fact an attempt to replace the classic paint in Windows he was furious. Apparently classic Paint was a favorite of the new CEO and deprecating the old digital painting application for a new version rewritten to focus on 3D content was shocking news.

A spokesperson at Microsoft has said of course the CEO was aware of the “Paint Strategy.” Citing frequent meeting where the plan was laid out, the spokesperson went on about how there was no way this was done in secret and there was lots of internal testing on the product. The new app continues to meet resistance as a chaotic redesign of one of the most beloved applications in Windows for decades. 

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