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Study: most parents have no clue what operating system they use everyday

A recent study concluded one consistent factor which unites parents across demographics is their lack of understanding their devices. All around the country parents are walking into Best Buys and cell phone carriers with absolutely no clue what devices they own. Store associates try to walk through the differences in each device, but the lack of knowledge can frequently be overwhelming.

From smartphones to tablets, to game consoles, to apps; parents seem to be going out of their way to use the incorrect names. The study details a woman in her forty’s said she uses Google on her phone. While many would be led to believe this means she is using an Android phone, or Google Chrome, or even Google search, in fact it simply meant she uses the built in web search in Safari on her iPhone.

The study also mentioned how there is no hope of recovery. Parents not only don’t care about looking cool, but they have much more important things to fill their heads with, like keeping their children alive. Will moms every stop calling every game playing device a Nintendo? Probably not. Will dads realize that the phrase gadget is not descriptive and not helpful? Never.





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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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