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Microsoft smart city plan designed to reboot once a month for patch updates

In bid to develop the future of cities Microsoft has posted their draft proposal. The proposal is bursting with mentions of IoT, big data, cloud connected, edge computing, machine learning, AI, and more. The Redmond based tech giant plans to have a city which knows what it needs before city officials do.

In the future a city will tell workers where the water main will break, where the potholes will develop, and how to conserve energy during those cold winter months. In addition to predicting failures and efficiencies the future city will need to shut down once a month for security patches.

This means power will be shut off while critical portions of infrastructure have patches installed. Citizens will need to refrain from flushing toilets, using household appliances, or opening any doors. Microsoft says this process could take maximum of an hour, but again only once a month.

Dozens of cities have thrown themselves at Microsoft to be the city where these new technologies are tested. Before the proposal was made public over a dozen of cities had signed up to shower Microsoft with tax credits. Microsoft says they are keeping an open mind but will probably choose a major city which doesn’t need this anyway.

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