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Study: Moving photos in Microsoft Word document bad for heart health

In a recent study by the American Heart Association it was found inserting and moving photos in Microsoft Word is detrimental to the user and bystander’s health. Findings report a spike in blood pressure resulting from the chaotic and evil way which photos and text are scattered around a document once the smallest adjustments are made.

If you or a loved one uses Microsoft Word regularly, it is suggested you avoid inserting any sort of element which disturbes the text in any way. Adjustments, especially minor ones, lead to a completely altering of the document. Your only hope at that point is the undo command.

A spokesperson for the Office division where Word is developed said, “the program is called Microsoft Word, not Microsoft photo layout tool for your HR flyer.” It isn’t surprising Microsoft is frustrated when their users constantly use the poorly implemented features Microsoft made for them. Someday users may learn how to respect these programs like they should, but that day is not today.





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