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Microsoft dooms grandma’s everywhere to a stable PC by letting home users defer feature updates

Against all advice Microsoft has doomed grandma’s everywhere to a more stable Windows experience. Now instead of needing to find the internet shortcut every six months Windows feature updates can be deferred for up to 18 months. Millions of computer savvy grandchildren will now go for at least 12 months without talking to their grandparents.

Motivated by a coil flip, engineers decided to reverse course on their long standing position that twice yearly updates were the best for consumers and businesses everywhere. Now with the May 2019 update to Windows users will be able to choose when they want to update. It is almost as if these users own their devices and can choose for themselves.

A Microsoft representative said the company is always looking for ways to throw users’ routines into disarray. While this move signals a small retreat the company will not stop in their every vigilant quest to throw chaos and confusion into every part of their customers lives.




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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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