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Intellectual Linux user has been referring to Microsoft as M$FT for the past 10 years

Intellectually superior and certified Mensa member Leonard Tuft has been referring to Microsoft on the internet as M$FT. This subtle dig reminds all readers of /r/Linux that Leonard is well aware that Microsoft is a money making organization.

Leonard who does not value his time, hence his Linux usage, believes that all software should be free and companies like Microsoft should be illegal. While the ideas of a completely free existence are enticing to all of us this idea of free software seems particularly easy to get behind. “After all software is just a bunch of ones and zeros”, says Leonard “and you would pay for that would you?”

At the end of the day it is nice to remember there are people who believe a hard days work of problem solving should be free. After all, Leonard has offered the world a mediocre JSON parsing engine and a few open issues on some random JavaScript libraries. Thank you Leonard for your contribution to society.





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