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Long time Microsoft employees still riding the high of Windows 95

Bill Franklin is a developer in the Windows group at Microsoft. He has been working on Windows for over 30 years and is still pumped about Windows 95. Many of Bill’s coworkers were not even born when Windows 95 was released, but that does not deter him from telling them about how revolutionary the product was, “and still is.”

Sometimes an unsuspecting Windows team member will mention how they remember their first Windows computer. No matter what version of Windows it was running Bill will swoop in and start offering up a dramatic retelling of the Windows 95 story.

With each person he tells Bill is sure to mention how their iPhones have more power than these computers did, but it was still so amazing. The GUI was like nothing else. Sure it looks dated now, but at the time it was a breath of fresh air. Bill says he can still remember what a fresh copy of Windows 95 smells like, “it is the smell of being on top of the world”.




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I work as an engineer in Milwaukee. Currently I work on a few different UWP apps primarily Ink Calendar.

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